Ninja Themes donations / thanks

Any donations towards themes sent to me (see link to the right, the paypal donations link) will go to the SPCA. The SPCA is a great organization dedicated to helping animals in need. they operate all over the world and have done a lot of good for animals.

The reason I am not going to be selfish with the money like other themers (not calling anyone out just simply stating a fact, people can do whatever they want with their money but I’m going to put it to good use) is because I have more compassion for animals than I do anything/anyone else. And I want to help them as much as I can.

Every donation counts, even if it’s a few bucks. If for some reason you feel that you shouldn’t donate directly to me, please donate directly to the SPCA. You can donate here: SPCA International | donate.

As an incentive for donations, I will be providing services for free. If you would like anything changed or customized on any of my themes, I will do it for you. My email for this is in the donate link, at the top when you click.


One Response to “Ninja Themes donations / thanks”

  1. Blackberry Addict Says:

    That is really awesome! I am a Themer and do it to support my family but I think what you're doing is great!!

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